Education Day 2017 Proceedings - Transformational Education: Learning for Life

Proceedings from St George's, University of London Education Day 2017.


Part 1: Insights

1. Transformation & the St. George’s Education and Students Strategy
Jane Saffell

2. A Critical Introduction
Johan Geertsema

3. Interview with Professor Linda Price, Keynote Speaker
Linda Price and Roberto Di Napoli

Part 2: Sharing Expertise

Elizabeth Miles

4. Making MOOCs in medicine and healthcare
Luke Woodham, Kate Tatton-Brown, Fiona Howat, Sheetal Kavia, Trupti Jivram, Aurora Sesé Hernandez, Supriya Krishnan, Ella Poulton, Kavirthana Krishnamoorthy, Terry Poulton

5. Genomic medicine and a flexible curriculum
Kate Tatton-Brown

6. Simulation-based education of MBBS students at satellite sites of St. George’s, University of London
Aaron O’Callaghan, Christopher J.D. Threapleton, Teck Khong

7. Teaching the transition from medical student to doctor: the ‘Preparation for Medicine’ sessions
Claire Spiller

8. Transforming education at St. George’s with Canvas
Evan Dickerson, Kerry Dixon, Bryony Williams

Part 3: Student Voices

David Oliveira

9. Connect - a transformational student platform
Alexander Zargaran, Amal Thomas, Aasim Murtaza, Harry Spiers, Mohammed Turki

Part 4: Poster Commentaries and Other Contributions

Judith Ibison

10. A temporary transformation - the first women medical students at St. George’s Medical School, London
Jenny Day, Hugh Thomas

11. Reflecting on practice: 2500 years of getting it wrong - a brief history of medical error
Jonathan Round

12. Transforming approaches to critical thinking: the use of a critical thinking skills framework to enhance learning, teaching and assessment
Hilary Wason, Cheryl Whiting, Fran Arrigoni, Colin Clarke

13 Reflective piece - quality improvement projects
Saba Khan

14 Transformative learning in Public Health - using a Dragon’s Den approach
Georgina Pearson, Hugh Thomas

15 Educational transformation and the poster presentation of the incidence and management of anticoagulants in the HEMS population
Rose Hall, Anthony Hudson

16 Training Against Medical Error (TAME) - transforming medical education using medical error virtual patient cases
Trupti Jivram, Luke Woodham, Ella Poulton, Jonathan Round, Terry Poulton

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