Education Day 2017 Proceedings - Transformational Education: Learning for Life

Proceedings from St George's, University of London Education Day 2017.<br><br>Contents<br><br>Part 1: Insights <br><br> 1. Transformation & the St. George’s Education and Students Strategy<br> Jane Saffell <br><br> 2. A Critical Introduction<br> Johan Geertsema <br><br> 3. Interview with Professor Linda Price, Keynote Speaker<br> Linda Price and Roberto Di Napoli <br><br><br>Part 2: Sharing Expertise <br><br> Introduction<br> Elizabeth Miles <br><br> 4. Making MOOCs in medicine and healthcare<br> Luke Woodham, Kate Tatton-Brown, Fiona Howat, Sheetal Kavia, Trupti Jivram, Aurora Sesé Hernandez, Supriya Krishnan, Ella Poulton, Kavirthana Krishnamoorthy, Terry Poulton <br><br> 5. Genomic medicine and a flexible curriculum<br> Kate Tatton-Brown <br><br> 6. Simulation-based education of MBBS students at satellite sites of St. George’s, University of London<br> Aaron O’Callaghan, Christopher J.D. Threapleton, Teck Khong <br><br> 7. Teaching the transition from medical student to doctor: the ‘Preparation for Medicine’ sessions<br> Claire Spiller <br><br> 8. Transforming education at St. George’s with Canvas<br> Evan Dickerson, Kerry Dixon, Bryony Williams <br><br><br>Part 3: Student Voices <br><br> Introduction<br> David Oliveira <br><br> 9. Connect - a transformational student platform<br> Alexander Zargaran, Amal Thomas, Aasim Murtaza, Harry Spiers, Mohammed Turki <br><br><br>Part 4: Poster Commentaries and Other Contributions <br><br> Introduction<br> Judith Ibison <br><br> 10. A temporary transformation - the first women medical students at St. George’s Medical School, London<br> Jenny Day, Hugh Thomas <br><br> 11. Reflecting on practice: 2500 years of getting it wrong - a brief history of medical error<br> Jonathan Round <br><br> 12. Transforming approaches to critical thinking: the use of a critical thinking skills framework to enhance learning, teaching and assessment<br> Hilary Wason, Cheryl Whiting, Fran Arrigoni, Colin Clarke <br><br> 13 Reflective piece - quality improvement projects<br> Saba Khan <br><br> 14 Transformative learning in Public Health - using a Dragon’s Den approach<br> Georgina Pearson, Hugh Thomas <br><br> 15 Educational transformation and the poster presentation of the incidence and management of anticoagulants in the HEMS population<br> Rose Hall, Anthony Hudson <br><br> 16 Training Against Medical Error (TAME) - transforming medical education using medical error virtual patient cases<br> Trupti Jivram, Luke Woodham, Ella Poulton, Jonathan Round, Terry Poulton<br><br><br>Online resources and supplementary material for this publication can be accessed via the link referenced below.<br><br><br>