Quality Improvement Projects

2018-04-10T15:31:10Z (GMT) by Saba Khan
The QIPs are a concept that have been developed to promote leadership and clinical improvement skills in student learners.
The concept of transformational change and its three key theoretical stages are mirrored in Quality Improvement Projects (QIPs). These changes (psychological, Convictional and Behavioural) are integral to developing a learner’s skills in practice which will better prepare them for their professional career.
On reflection there are challenges associated with QIPs that relate to clinical maturity, implementation of change and the time needed to effectively deliver QIPs.
However, on balance these projects present a unique learning opportunity that will present students with the ability to demonstrate and develop skills that are difficult to practically apply anywhere else.
The application of these projects in primary care also prepare students for the professional responsibility of appraisal and revalidation regardless of their speciality of choice.

This poster was presented at St George's, University of London's Education Day on Wednesday 15 November 2017. More information on the event can be found via the link referenced below.