St George’s Library 2015 LibQual+ Survey Data

2017-10-06T13:31:02Z (GMT) by Association of Research Libraries
The St George’s, University of London Library regularly undertakes a LibQual+® web survey of our library users. This survey is offered by the Association of Research Libraries and allows participating institutions like St George’s to understand, evaluate and improve our library services. The survey also allows us to benchmark our performance alongside other universities and improve our services in line with emerging best practice.

The 2015 LibQUAL+ online survey was open from 9th-30th November. We used LibQual Lite which presented participants with a selection of 22 statements from the full LibQual survey. These 22 statements were split into 3 categories; Library as Place (environment), Affect of Service (staff) and Information Control (resources). Respondents were asked to give a score out of 9 for their minimum, desired and perceived levels of service. We received 437 completed responses from the St George’s academic community (staff and students).

The Association of Research Libraries provides each institution with a report on their results.

This deposit contains:

1. The raw data from St George’s 2015 Lib Qual+ survey
2. An Options Key describing the values used in the dataset
3. A Column Key describing the column codes used in the dataset
4. The official report provided to St George’s from the Association of Research Libraries

A copy of the questions used in the survey, as well as information on the survey procedures, can be retrieved from the references below.