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posted on 2022-07-20, 15:19 authored by Rania Mansour, smrithi Rallapalli, Hamreet Kaur Baidwan, Mohammad Sharif RazaiMohammad Sharif Razai, Linda Abou-Abbas

This excel sheet contains responses collected from 400 medical doctors who responded to a survey inquiring about their experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic. Questions were grouped into 8 categories: (1) sociodemographic characteristics of participants, (2) Sources of information regarding COVID-19  [4 items, likert scale], (3) Knowledge of COVID-19 [16 items, SBA], (4) Practices during the pandemic [5 items, likert scale], (5) physicians perspective on vaccinations [5 items, SBA], (6) physicians perspective on policies implemented [2 items, likert scale], (7) physicians subjective attitudes towards the pandemic [10 items, likert scale], and (8) physicians personal reflections [2 items, open-ended]. The data was collected between August 9-20, 2021. Questions and answers reflected the most updated information from the World Health Organization at the time.




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