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'UK Lipoedema' cohort GWAS data 2021

posted on 2022-10-13, 13:58 authored by Sara DobbinsSara Dobbins, Dionysios GrigoriadisDionysios Grigoriadis, Pia Ostergaard, Ege Sackey, Alan PittmanAlan Pittman, Katie Riches, Malou van Zanten, Glen Brice, Ruth England, Vaughan Keeley, Kristiana Gordon, Liang Dong, David Savage, Mike Mills, Peter Mortimer, Steve Jeffery

Data from "Investigations of Clinical Characteristics and Genome Associations in the 'UK Lipoedema' Cohort"

Grigoriadis et al, Plos One

Post QC dataset (in plink format) on 130 GWAS cases from the discovery series.

Scripts used to produce this dataset and for its analysis can be found on GitHub (

The full PLOS paper can be accessed at: or via the references below.  


This work was funded by the Lipedema Foundation (LF~0006)


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