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Exploration of disease past and present: spina bifida

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posted on 2022-11-02, 16:35 authored by Michelle HarricharanMichelle Harricharan, Juulia AhvensalmiJuulia Ahvensalmi, Kirsten Hylan

By preserving records and research data we ensure that business critical, governance, heritage, education and research information continue to be accessible for the long term. We also ensure that we can continue to contribute to ground-breaking medical research. 

This poster considers two resources that we are currently looking after at St George's: our digitised Post Mortem Examinations and Case Books (1841-1946) and The Cambridge Cohort of Open Spina Bifida (2021). It explores how these resources help us to understand disease in the past and present - and the importance of preserving access to them for the long term.

The details of the poster are described in an accompanying blogpost.

This poster is part of a public engagement session held at St George's, University of London to raise awareness of digital preservation, techniques for preserving digital information, and the work we are doing at St George's to ensure continued access to our vital digital information.