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posted on 2023-01-20, 15:16 authored by Laura Southgate, Jenni Hughes, Jennifer SmithJennifer Smith

This poster has been produced to promote the recent creation of St George’s, University of London’s (SGUL) new Open Access Publications policy, and to coincide with SGUL’s annual Research Day, 2022. The policy replaces our previous Research Publications policy and strengthens the institution’s commitment to open sharing practices.

Funder requirements around open access (OA) continue to develop, and new ways of approaching OA publishing continue to evolve. This poster answers pressing questions for our busy authors and researchers such as What is Open Access? How can I publish my work with Open Access? 

There is a new decision tree tool to help guide researchers at various stages of the publication process, keeping open access considerations to the fore, and a glossary. Opportunity to engage is made possible by use of a QR code in the poster, allowing those viewing the poster to quickly navigate with their mobile phone to these new tools. 

A traffic light graphic is used to help draw attention to the different ways to achieve open access. Upfront payment to publish immediately open access may no longer be required, due to the increasing number of read and publish deals. Authors can also retain future reuse rights over their manuscripts accepted for publication.

Academic and professional services staff from SGUL’s Research Publications and Data Management Group have worked in collaboration to come up with this poster, as well as the policy and tools it promotes.

It is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) 4.0 licence 



Members of SGUL’s Research Publications and Data Management Group also contributed suggestions for the poster content. 

Image attribution: 

The Benefits of Open Access © Danny Kingsley and Sarah Brown via Australasian Open Access Strategy Group, under CCBY licence. 

Modified from the original during poster production by Graphic Design Services, St George’s, University of London.


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