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Digital preservation - did you know

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posted on 2022-11-02, 16:24 authored by Juulia AhvensalmiJuulia Ahvensalmi, Michelle HarricharanMichelle Harricharan, Kirsten Hylan

File formats degrade over time leaving data inaccessible as technology changes. It is very difficult to recover information stored in older technogies and formats. Over time, we can potentially lose access to important digital information such as personal photos and family records, to work emails and medical and pensions information stored digitally. Digital information needs to be looked after to ensure that they are continuously accessible and usable. 

This poster is part of a public engagement session held at St George's, University of London to raise awareness of digital preservation, techniques for preserving digital information, and the work we are doing at St George's to ensure continued access to our vital digital information.